Travis Diener Looks Back at Playing for Tom Crean, Meeting D-Wade for the First Time & More

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In our 2nd segment, we asked Travis Diener to comment on D1 coaching.  The top Division 1 coaches have such an incredible work ethic.  They are almost like CEOs of a Dot-com company.  

Diener commented that he thought D1 coaches sacrifice way too much in recruiting or in game preparation.  Instead they should spend more time with their families. 

He said there is a lot of pressure for the coaches especially at Marquette where basketball is the main sport.  “You have to balance your professional work with being able to show up at important family events, watching your kids grow up rather than just sitting in the office for sitting in the office sake.  Put your time in but don’t miss out.” 

He said the major difference between the college level and the pro level is that the college players need more motivation.  They are more inconsistent in their level of work ethic.  

Meeting Dwyane Wade 

I asked Travis…..when was the first time Tom Crean told you about Dwyane and when did you first meet him? 

Travis said, “I wanted to go to a program where I had a chance to be successful.  Coach Crean said that they had a guy sitting out who was a program changer, but I thought that’s what every coach says but I was blown away the first time I played with Dwyane Wade.  His athleticism … his IQ … the work ethic.” 

Dwyane Wade worked extremely hard and he had an old school game that included floaters and shots that used the backboard.  He was very quiet but he had this aura about him. 

Travis said the entire Marquette team 2001-2003 had similar stories and each had to grow up with toughness.  That’s why they were so successful and advanced so far. 

Here is the 2nd segment of our Travis Diener interview.

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