Pip & Dodds Podcast Featured at Wisconsin Startup Week

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In affiliation with Elefantly and we are proud to present The Pip & Dodds Podcast LIVE during the Packers vs Jaguars game at Startup Wisconsin Week!  Stay tuned and signup to get YOUR questions to be on the podcast! Go Pack Go!

Sponsors and Attendees will have the opportunity to submit Packers questions, get a shout out to their company, and have their questions answered LIVE by Pip & Dodds during the game.

In addition, we will arrange a few Startup Wisconsin guests to join by video to chime in with the podcast.

About The Podcast: Insights from sports anchor Tom Pipines (FOX 6, ESPN) and a historical perspective from John Dodds (Packers Reporter, Historian, Founder of MU Hoops) into Wisconsin sports franchises that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

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