Wayne Larrivee Discusses His World Famous Dagger Call & More – Part 3

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Pip asked Wayne Larrivee about his signature reference to “the dagger.”  It has become one of the more famous calls in sports and Packer fans cannot wait until Larrivee makes his “dagger” call signifying that the game is over.  In this segment, Larrivee looks at the salary cap and how it is difficult to return to the Super Bowl when your QB is signed for big money.  Wayne’s standard is 13% of the salary cap.  When your QB earns that, whether you are GB, or Seattle, or Kansas City with Patrick Mahomes earning big money next year, it will be difficult to repeat and get into the Super Bowl.

We also welcome Don Matovich who has become a major sponsor for the Pip & Dodds program.  His bar and restaurant, DJ’s Sports Bar and Grill, on Appleton Avenue in Menomonee Falls, has the largest collection of sports memorabilia in the state.  

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